February 21, 2009

Noida MMS Scandal - Record Searches for Noida MMS Clip

Record e-searches for Noida sex clip
Reports Midday News:

Two days after MiD DAY reported the Noida MMS sex clip scandal, the clip is being circulated online from email to email and it's been the most searched topic on the internet.

Just hours after the news hit the market there was a sharp rise reported on the search engine Google where people looked for the Noida MMS with the keywords like 'Noida MMS', 'Noida MMS download', 'Tanya MMS', Noida sex video' and others.

This video is about a 23-year-old girl doing striptease for her boyfriend. Later on it also learnt that boy had access to her email account and he circulated the video when the gal refused to marry him.
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